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About Us


Hangzhou Xinfeng Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd., was founded in 2000 which is located in Hangzhou city, Zhejiang Province, China. It is a new high-tech enterprise specialized in the research, production, application and development of permanent magnet materials. Our main business are: NdFeb magnets; SmCo magnets; Alnico magnets; Ceramic (Ferrite magnets); Rubber magnets and Magnetic Assembly. Our production technology is in the domestic leading and international advanced level. More than 20 extraordinary years make us become one of the enterprises with the largest production scale and the most complete permanent magnet products in the permanent magnet industry.

Xinfeng Magnet covers an area of 30,000 square meters, with more than 300 staffs and 5000 tons annual capacity. The company has the most comprehensive testing laboratory and sophisticated testing equipment to ensure the quality of the products. We have passed ISO9001:2001 and TS16949:2009 quality management system certification. Our strong R&D team and excellent R&D capability enable us obtain a number of national patents.

Our products are widely used in Motor, Electroacoustic, Automotive, Instrument, Communication, Household Applications, Medical Device, Wind Power, Aerospace and other high-tech and future Energy Fields. Our main markets are North America, South America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, India and other countries and regions.


Since it is established, Xinfeng Magnet has always been adhering to the concept of "Pledge is abundant ", based on a high starting point, committed to high-level development, attaches great importance to the full integration of product quality, science and technology and human resources. More than 20 years focus on magnetic materials industry, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, just to do a different industry benchmark!

The Meaning of Logo


1. It is from the first name of Xinfeng “X”---meaning “Integrity, Trust”. Just do the integrity of the enterprise, worthy of customer trust.

2. It is on the behalf of the two traditional magnet symbols, meaning Xinfeng Magnet 20 years focus on the original ideal, just for production the good Chinese “Magnet”.

3. Red and blue are the image of people, red represents customers, blue represents Xinfeng, meaning Xinfeng in-depth communicates with customers, always together with customers.

4. Shaped like the modeling of ancient Chinese tripod, representing "Prominent", "Distinguished", "Grand" and other extended meaning, but also means "A word is tripod, famous tripod, Great help"; It is also the company's concept "Pledge is Abundant", the enterprise should be integrity, the product will be abundant, “Integrity” is also the foundation of the people, the way of the enterprise.

Hangzhou Xinfeng Magnet will keep pioneering and innovating towards the development of science and technology, high-end oriented and internationalization. And strive to create the enchanting products to our customers, and lead the new development of magnetic materials industry.


We have been committed to providing the highest quality products at the most reasonable and competitive price to our customers. We invest a lot of funds in production and R&D equipment and strictly control each process of production, to ensure that the products we provided are in line with industry standards and higher than customer’s requirements.

● ISO/TS-16949:2009  ● ISO 9001:2008  ● ISO 14001:2004  ● ROHS  ● REACH  ● SGS

We have advanced equipment for every process of magnet production, and supervise all steps from raw materials to blanks to finished products in an information-based way to ensure the product performance, quality and provide the best delivery time.


We are the strategic partner of NIMTE (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and engaged in the research of "High Coercivity with Low Dysprosium of sintered NdFeb".

We have established a strategic partnership with China’s No.1 rare earth miner---CHINALCO, which provides us a strong safety guarantee for our rare earth raw materials.

The enterprise postdoctoral workstation was established in 2016, with 15 engineers from our cooperative team with Zhejiang University. Continuously promoting scientific and technological innovation ability and enriching the enterprise’s R&D strength. 


Behind Every Glory is The Persistence of Xinfeng People

High and New Technology Enterprise 、Grade A Safe Production Integrity Enterprise 、China Nonferrous Metal Industry Science and Technology Award、ISO9001、IATF16949、 ISO14004、ROSH、REACH

Provincial Science and Technology Enterprise、Standardized Labor Union、Three-level Safety Production、Demonstration Enterprise、Safety Production Standardization Enterprise……



1.Material Composition
3.Hydrogen Decrepitation
4.Power Preparation
5.Fully Automatic Pressing
7.Blank Performance Testing
9.Chip Machining
10.Surface Treatment
13.Stock in