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Magnetic Assembly is an important link to realize the function of magnetic materials. It is mainly a product or semi-finished product that realizes its application function after magnetic materials with metal, non-metal and other materials with specific requirements for assembly. Xinfeng Magnetic Materials Co., Ltd. specializes in the research, development and production of magnetic devices. The main products include magnetic suction parts, promotional magnetic gifts, magnetic nameplates, magnetic suckers, magnetic suction, permanent magnet lifters, magnetic tools and other magnetic components. We can also provide customers with a variety of industrial permanent magnet coupling, motor permanent magnet fixed rotor, multi-piece adhesive magnets and components, as well as Helbeck array and other magnetic assembly for research and development.

Among them, permanent magnet sucker is used for clamping of ferromagnetic material components in various processing such as grinding, shoveling, scraping and wire cutting. Permanent magnet suction bars widely used in food, medicine, textile, chemical engineering, garbage and sewage treatment industries. The permanent magnet lifter adopts the magnetic field as the power source, and it has the advantages like long stable performance, convenient operation, strong adsorption force, safety and reliability.

Xinfeng Magnet has been committed to transforming users' magnetic design into high-quality products, and providing high-quality parts to users with excellent assembly services, to help users to optimize the assembly time and cost in the form of integrated supply chain, and bring convenience to users' production and life better.


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